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Chronicles of the Cheysuli RPG [05 Mar 2009|08:51pm]

*Brand New RPG Seeking Members!!!*

This is a RPG based off of the Chronicles of the Cheysuli. As of right now, all characters are opened because this is fresh and new! This RPG is canon based, no original stories as of yet. I would like all characters to be fresh. To put in for an application for a character, simply post me a comment about who you would like to play and why. Unless there is an experience difference, most characters will be a first come first serve. If your character has a partner, both muns must agree to work with each other.

[For example: Joe wants to play Niall but doesn't want to RP with Cindy who has been RPing Deirdre longer, Joe and Cindy will either have to agree to RP their characters together or Joe must pick a different character.] This shouldn't be a problem as the point of role playing is to do it with others but I've had problems in the past and this just seems the easiest!

For the sake of allowing everyone a chance to claim characters, I would like everyone to claim no more than two characters.

I would like language to remain as it was in the books, [my point being I don't care if your character cusses, but remember that Cheysuli's said ku'reshtin not "you mother f'er."] Mature content such as violence, magic, and sexual experiences/intimacies are bound to take place so considered yourself warned. However, I believe if you've read these books and are into an RPG about them, you shouldn't be too concerned about these subjects. ^_^


A member has requested the character Aileen, which will put the time line in the area of Pride of Princes & Daughter of the Lion- the main characters in that area were but not limited to: Breenan, Hart, Corin, Keely, Maeve, Niall, Deirdre, Ian, Strahan, Tabitha

Either post in reply comment or in private message to ladycheysuli:

What your character/s has/have been doing currently (time line: Pride of Princes & Daughter of the Lion):
RP your character/s in a short paragraph:

We hope that you come join us soon! [info]clankeep
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Greetings! [16 Nov 2004|10:09am]

[ mood | content ]

Hi everyone;

Just joined the community *very happy to see a Cheysuli one on LJ* and wanted to give the members a heads up. I have just visited Jennifer Roberson's webpage and she has signed a deal w/Daw Publishing to do three new Cheysuli books. If this is old news then forgive the repost, but I'm just so happy to hear about it. I've recently gone back and re-read *yes again, lol!!* the entire series and it reaffirms JR's place as my favorite fantasy writer.

Here's hoping the new books arrive soon....Ru'shalla-tu


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I just discovered this community... [10 Jun 2004|04:44pm]

I had no idea there was a community on LiveJournal dedicated to the Cheysulis! I love all 8 books, I've read them more times than I should have, so I joined as soon as I discovered this community.

So, my name is Benji and I'm from France (and I've read the 8 books in French). My favorite Cheysuli characters are Niall and Aidan... and of course my favorite books out of the eight are Track of the White Wolf and Flight of the Raven. I think the book I like the least is Legacy of the Sword.

Hello to you all!!
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A Little Bit Of Publicity. [20 Mar 2004|03:00pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I just wanted to add a little plug in here. I made a journal all about the fanfiction book I'm writing about the Cheysuli & Dragonball Z. There's a lot of unfinished chapters up there that are posted. I hope you'd all check it out and give feedback! It'd be really appreciated!

The Generations.

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[07 Jan 2004|08:18pm]

Does anybody know of any good Cheysuli-related RPGs? If not, would anybody be interested in cooking one up? I know I would :D
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Perfect Fit. [06 Nov 2003|02:52pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I found the perfect young Carillon [ Paul Curran ] and the perfect Strahan [ Jason Done. ] Both of them appeared in leading roles in the Hallmark made movie, "Merlin." Watch them and you'll see what I saw! They're perfect.

- Shar Tahl

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All Apologies. [21 Oct 2003|06:29pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey guys, I'm really sorry - thought I had it fixed but I was wrong. Hope it works this time!

- Shar Tahl

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Writing. [19 Oct 2003|09:38am]

[ mood | creative ]

Now going completely on the other end of the spectrum from actor speculation...

This is a vignette of a Cheysuli warrior I RP with a few of my friends. It's set in the beginning of Shaine's qu'mahlin, when the clans were attacked and scattered. The clan I RP is one of Cheysuli with scattered Old Blood - there are some warriors with two lir, some women who can speak with the lir and shapechange, and one woman who has a single lir of her own (Yes, she's mine - the others are just mentioned in passing).

The clan, as a whole, has taken to the sea and arrived on a land far from Homana, Solinde, Atvia, or Erinn, to the West of all - a place where no kingdom seems to exist, and where magic is very different from theirs. The Ihlini have come following, knowing the clan to be rich in the blood that can threaten them, meaning to drive them further from Homana so they can't strengthen the Cheysuli blood there. This vignette is taken just after the Ihlini attack on their first loose keep in the new land.


Already we had been attacked by fire - weilded by men bearing torches from the backs of war-trained horses. Men who acted through fear and prejudice, on only the word of their king. Pavilion after pavilion burst into flame, trampled under iron-shod hooves. My people died, killed by arrow and sword - warriors died as lir were killed, women and children slain indescriminately. It was horror I awoke to, having barely time to pull on leggings before I grasped the bow perverted by the Mujhar's law. And so, with a bone-deep fear I held behind a mask of determination, I fought. My bow spent its arrows into horses and men alike, my knife's blade wetting with blood. They retreated at last, leaving us a burning and broken keep, a burning and broken people.

Even in the new land we've come to, I find we aren't safe. Again fire - fire that burnt an unnatural purple, licking over ground and painted pavilion alike, burning wood and hide and flesh, its crackling accompanied by a cacophony of screams. I remembered it too well, awakening to my lir, hearing the alarm in her tone.

Ihlini! Lir, awake, Ihlini come! Surra cried and I came awake at once. The attack raining down upon us was very familiar. I had long been a warrior with my own pavilion, but when I heard the iron-shod hooves once more, the wails of horses tortured by the very beings they held on their backs, the crackling of fire and the screaming of people in pain... I very much wished for my jehan and jehana, even knowing that they had gone before we'd left Homana.

"Kailen!" shouted one of my twin-born rujholli as I wrested myself from my pavilion, seeing the fire lick over it.

I shouted for him to run, grasping knife and bow once more, readying to fight against a foe worse than any Homanan. I feared for their lives - they were young, not yet fully trained, and spoke to each other as they did their lir. To the Ihlini, they would be valuable. But he obeyed, one of two shadows I saw racing into the forest, grasping their own bows, followed by twin wolves. And giving them my confidence, I turned to fight the Ihlini with all I could. I had lost one home. I would not lose another.

I remember little of fighting, only the exertion of my body, the sight of blood drawn by my blade, fallen men and fallen horses. The Ihlini at last retreated, leaving us once more. The battle ended; I lived. Battered and bleeding, but I remained on my feet. My su'fali, my clan-leader, was on his knees. His lir lay wounded, pelt sodden with blood. I went to him, ready to help him draw upon the earth magic, but as I reached, the wolf was gone. Su'fali followed.

Tahlmorra, lir, Surra murmured to me as I knelt, clutching his gold.

Ever tahlmorra, Surra. Jehan and jehana. Homana. Now my su'fali. I am no infant, lir, but I grieve for them all.

None would expect you not to. Just because you are Cheysuli does not mean you have no emotion. She extended her wings to brush through the air, landing on the ground before me. An odd sight, that - a lir haloed by the remnants of foul Ihlini fire. It means you show strength in the face of emotion. It means you show judgement even in sadness. It means you are not alone in your sorrows.

I looked at her, feathers grey against the dark night, eyes more yellow than my own, and I reached for her with a hand clutching an armband inscribed with exquisite wolves. I will never be alone. I will have you.

Always, lir, she assured me, and her weight came upon my hand. I pressed my cheek to her feathers and treasured their softness for a passing moment. Then I sought my su'fala. She deserved the telling from family. My rujholli and I were all that remained of that.

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good thought! [19 Oct 2003|03:51am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Harrison Ford sounds like a great aging Carillon - especially as that's how we see a lot of him past that fateful battle with Tynstar. And I just had a thought of Criss Angel, whom I'd suggested before, as Strahan or Lochiel. That's probably already been mentioned - knowing me it has - but I just had this mindbeam. So I had to post it again.

I am so scatterbrained.
And yes, I'm working on the Song of Homana, but midis take a long time for me to make. *L* Patience?

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Wow [18 Oct 2003|11:09pm]

I don't even know half of these actors!! But I just had a brainwave..

What about Harrison Ford as an Aging Carillon? Or Josh Hartnet as young Carillon, with contacts and dyed hair of course.... or as ^-^;;

Mostly right now I'm just pulling random actors out of my bum...
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The perfect part. [16 Oct 2003|07:58pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Earlier today I was thinking that David Boreanaz as Duncan, but now, thinking about it wouldn't he make a great Brennan??? I think that Johnny Depp could pull of Hart but Boreanaz and him don't look alike.

Craig Parker would make a great Lochiel! Strahan is by far one of the best villains. I run an RPG based on the Cheysuli books, and have played just about every character so I really got into the mind of each so I don't think there's a character in the book that I hate... well, then again there is always Shaine... But Strahan deserves someone who really knows how to play a manipulative, cold, calm, evil friend turn foe..

Cate Blanchett as Electra...? Hmm, she does have that beauty with age going on... but could she play the seductive part? I happen to be really biased about Electra because she was one of my favorite characters, but by far my favorite female character was Keely... I adore her, I swear if I could, I'd play her. But I think that Beckinsale would do a great job because she has that strong woman with hidden vulnerability.. I don't know a lot about Criss Angel... but I just can't see him as Duncan... he's face is too young, and his body built is too thin, and pale.

I think Viggo Mortensen could pull of Strahan... yummy.

If you do happen to write out the Song of Homana, make sure to share!

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Brainstorming! [15 Oct 2003|04:28pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Thanks to google, I just saw some images of Kate Beckinsale. She and Joaquin Phoenix, I think, would make wonderful twin-borns. Of course, I don't know who on earth would be Brennan or Hart.

But I do want to find a good Strahan. He was my favorite badguy ever. I'm thinking Craig Parker, either as Strahan or as Lachlan.

Oh, and Cate Blanchett, perhaps, as Electra?

Inspiration: Criss Angel as Duncan. He would be perfect for the part.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note - just barely - I'm considering actually writing out the Song of Homana, if at all possible. I think I can do it, but it will take time. Just trying to convince myself either to or not to.

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What A Guy. [15 Oct 2003|12:28pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Aidan is by far one of the greatest characters in the chronicles. I still think with the right hair and contacts, Orlando could pull him off... I am obsessed with him and Ewan McGregor! I never thought of him as Carillon... but I think I might be able to see it. What about Kate Beckinsale as Keely and Joaquin Phoenix as Corin?

- Shar Tahl

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Aidan makes me happy. [15 Oct 2003|05:37am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I've seen so much Orlando Bloom that it drives me right next to crazy. He's cute, but too much of a good thing isn't all that great.

But thanks to being introduced to the goodness of Dougray Scott... I think he would make a great Aidan. Then again, as I've mentioned before, I'm rather biased to Aidan.

Maybe Ewan McGregor as Carillon... Thanks to his sandy-colored hair in Star Wars, I can picture him as our first good Mujhar... Of course, I don't think he has the size for it.

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Spelling Error. [14 Oct 2003|06:42pm]

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Cheysuli i'halla shansu [14 Oct 2003|06:20pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Greetings everyone, and welcome our new people! I have to apologize for not being more active in the conversation and care of the cousoil but I haven't been able to reach a computer for a while now.

I am so happy about the fellowship going on in here! It's great that the Cheysuli fans are coming together.

And I want to again apologize about the screening problem, if you need me to unscreen you, let me know.

Making a Cheysuli movie is my dream. Not 8 [ and well soon to be 11 / 12? ] , and not 1, but I'm thinking about 3 or 4, like they've done the Lord of the Rings. And keep posting about who you think would be great as who!

What do you guys think about Orlando Bloom as Carillon or Aidan????

- Shar Tahl

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Herm. [13 Oct 2003|04:25am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Maybe a book-one miniseries on TV leading up to a regular TV show. That would be cool. That way you could get a lot of backstory in one big clump, and then things could happen...

And you're not the first one to suggest Johnny Depp! We've had a small discussion in my journal about actors.

I thought maybe Juliana Marguiles would make a good Alix.

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Hmm [12 Oct 2003|10:59pm]

While they would make a really good movie, It just seems like to make a movie of only one book is a waste... and lets face it - 8 movies is a lot for once series. However, for a TV show... Ahem

Either way, I know I'd watch faithfully, every last minute, every last second, every last FRAME. And possibly be dissappointed (Come on, we all know the TV shows/Movies are never as good as the books!)
I think Tiger and Del would also make a very good movie/show.

For ACtors? How about Johnny Depp? I can't think of a part specifically, but he definately looks Cheysuli-ish with the longish hair and his (clean shaven), angular
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Okay... [10 Oct 2003|10:28pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

It seems like everyone is screened as far as commenting goes, but I don't want to give up. So I've been thinking about things - mostly about how vivid the imagery is in the Cheysuli books. I was thinking that it would really make a good movie.

Who would you all like to see in which parts? I have to propose Jason Isaacs as Finn. Look at my photoshopped picture. *lol*

But I think he'd make a wonderful Finn. I don't know who to suggest for Duncan or Alix. Opinions? (I guess you'll have to make new topics for them...)

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Hello. [08 Oct 2003|05:23am]

[ mood | awake ]

I would like to point out that I haven't been 'unscreened' so far as comments go.. would there be any way to get this remedied? --whistles a pretty tune for the trusty Mod--

Thanks so much,

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